Possum Removal Brighton

possum removalIf there is a possum in your attic and you want a possum removal expert in Brighton, look no further than Possum Removal Melbourne. We are a licensed possum removal company, offering our services to the residents across Brighton and the surrounding suburbs. All of our pest control experts are highly-skilled and trained to abide by the regulations set by the Australian government.

Why Do You Need Possum Removal Brighton?

The presence of possums in your property leads to many problems. They establish their nests inside your home’s attic, destroy your garden, get into trash cans and chew away the wires. Their droppings and urine also create foul smell, making your home completely unpleasant to live in. These marsupials also carry a lot of parasites which might spread diseases among humans and pets.

How Can We Help?

When you approach us to help you with possum removal, we will begin with inspecting your home to confirm their presence. Then, we will set traps around your home wherever required. Once the possums are trapped, we will take the trap with us and release it within the distance of 50m radius. Our experts also take proactive measures to prevent their future entry.

If you have any question about our possum control process, call 03 9021 3762 and speak to us today.

We also offer all pest control services including wasp control, bees removal, Ant Pest Control and Rat Removal.