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Possum Removal Melbourne offers effective and safe possum control services to the households and businesses across Melbourne. With many years of experience in the pest control industry, we can solve your possum problems with ease and also provide possum-proofing service as a preventive measure. We always use ethical possum removal methods that do not put the animal in any harm way. As possums are a protected species in Australia, we will capture and release the animal within 50 meters of your property, as per government regulations.

Signs of Possum Infestation In Your Home:

  • Damage To Your Building – When there is possum infestation in your home, you could notice exterior damage to your building. Torn up shingles, impacted sidings, gutter systems, eaves and ripped soffit on your rooftop are some of the signs to look out for.
  • Vanishing Pet Food – Possums are drawn to pet food. If your pet food disappears quickly, it could be a sign of a possum infestation.
  • Strange Animal Vocalisations – If you notice shrieking or hissing sounds, chances are there for you to have an infestation. When you hear lip smacking sounds, it is an ideal sign that a mother possum has established its nest with its babies.
  • Scratching Noise – Possum makes lots of scuttling, ripping and scratching noises that seem louder than the ones created by rats or mice.
  • Unpleasant Pungent Smell – Possums defecate more frequently and their droppings are quite larger than those of the rats. When they soak into building materials, it causes an unpleasant odour. Presence of dead possum also produces intense smell of decay.

Where Do Possums Establish Their Nests?

  • Attic – Attics are usually drier and warmer, making them the best nesting ground for the possums.
  • Garage – With a wonderful range of dark places to hide, your garage can quickly become a home to this uninvited guest.
  • Under Deck – Deck is one of the easiest parts in your home to get infested. The large gaps facilitate easy entry and provide shelter to these marsupials.
  • Roof – Possums are great climbers and can easily build their nest in the roof top. If you have trees growing close to your roof, you are likely to have a possum infestation on your roof.
  • Crawl Space – Crawl spaces turn out to be a lovely home for possums. If you hear scratching or scuffling noise in your floors, you probably have a possum in your crawl space.

Why Possum Removal Is Necessary?

While possums are not quite dangerous to humans, they can still become troublesome if they take up residence in your roof or attic. Here are some reasons why you should get rid of possums.

  • A Possum Can Wreck Your Home –When possums made their way into your premises or inside your home, you should have to struggle with its large droppings and the pungent odour they release when threatened.
  • A Possum Can Carry Diseases – Possums are not the cleanest of the creatures. They carry parasites and many diseases, making them one of the most unwelcome guests to a home.
  • A Possum Can Damage Your Property – Whether the possum is living in your basement, attic or wall cavities, it can do a lot of damages to your property. These marsupials can cause incredible range of damage to air ducts, insulation and other items.
  • A Possum Can Ruin Your Garden – A possum always live close to place where it gets its food constantly. It can be your garden too! Besides eating your vegetables and fruits, it could completely trample your garden.
  • A Possum Can Trouble Your Pets – While a possum may not be a problem to you, your pet may not get along with it. Besides stealing the pet food, the possum can also transmit diseases to your pet.

Legal Requirements For Possum Removal In Melbourne:

Possums are a protected species by the Australian Government, so they should be handled with great care and caution. Research showed that relocating a possum to a new location leads to death due to excessive stress or fight with other possums. So, moving these marsupials far away from the property has now been prohibited and charged with large fines, no matter how much nuisance they create. Instead, it can be removed from your home and released on the property itself or within 50 metres.  The only solution to get rid of possums is to deter them from entering your property. Some techniques include:

  • Installing plastic barriers around trees
  • Spiking on fences to restrict their movement
  • Netting over fruit trees and edible plats
  • Securing pet foods
  • Sealing the entry points to your property

What Does Our Possum Control Process Involve?

At Possum-Removal, we have a streamlined process when it comes to possum control in Melbourne. We coordinate with the necessary departments and follow the legal requirements to ensure the smooth removal of possums from your property.

  • Inspection – After receiving your request, we will visit your property to evaluate the possible habitats of these marsupials around your home. Our possum removal experts identify the level of infestation, extent of damage and type of possum present in your property.
  • Pest Removal – We will come up with a tailored plan that includes the removal procedure, and approvals required from the government, etc. Usually, cage traps made from mesh wires are used to trap possums which will be released as per the guidelines of the government.
  • Prevention – In addition to removing the existing possum, we create potential barriers around your property to prevent the pests from making their way to your home in the future.

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Common Possum Species

Below are some of the commonly found possum species in Melbourne.

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