Possum Removal Melbourne Prices

Possums are a type of small animal that looks like a mouse but is more substantial like cats. They usually do not cause any harm to humans but can bite pets. Moreover, the major problem with them is the unhygienic areas in which they live. Their primary food source is from the trash, and many times they spill the trash cans. So, the person would have to deal with solving their issue of adequately arranging the garbage and then disposing of it. However, if the possum gets aggressive, then they can bite the humans, and that can cause significant allergies. So, if you find a possum in your house, then it would be a better option for you to opt for possum removal melbourne company. However, before choosing, you need to understand the possum removal cost.

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The possums like to live in voids in the trees, fence, and attic. Moreover, they try to build their house in the voids, which might affect the life of the trees and attic. If they live in the attic, then there are chances that they would enter the premises of the house. They would spoil all the food material and other furniture which are in the house. Thus, the cost of repairing everything would be more than the possum removal cost.

How to Control Possum Removal Prices?

Possum control Prices can be low if the person adopts some basic methods to control the entry of possum. There are several ways through which you can control the possums, and the essential points are discussed below.

  • The possums attract trash and sweet items. So, you need to remove all the garbage from your surrounding area. However, if you have to store the trash overnight, then make sure that you hide it completely. Thus, making the trash invisible would help in avoiding the entry of the possum.

  • The possums are shy animals, and they try to stay away from the other animals. So, covering the fence with pet hair would help in avoiding their presence near the yard. However, they do not like bright light, thus keeping the light on would also help in avoiding them.

  • Other minor controls would help in saving the possum removal cost. They include simple techniques of spraying liquids around the yard. This liquid solution would consist of water and other material such as naphthalene and camphor. Possums get irritated by these smells, and they would try to avoid places with such odors.

Thus, even after applying the above tactics, the possum enters your premises then you need to take professional help from possum removal services.

Professional Possum Removal Cost

If you hire professionals, then their possum removal cost in Melbourne would be higher compared to the local services. However, there are government rules that the person needs to follow for possum removal. The animal is about to extinct, and so there are rules for saving and relocation. Moreover, even if you want to relocate a possum, then you would need a license. So, it would better to opt for professional services rather than local services. The professionals would know about all the required procedures for the removal of possum.

There are two ways in which the professionals deal with possum removal – one is to remove them from the yard, and the other is to relocate them from the attic. However, neither of the methods support the killing of the possums because it is illegal. So, the two approaches are simple, but both have different possum removal costs.

Possum Removal Cost for Clearing Yard

The possums usually do not stay in the yards as they get scared easily. So, they tend to keep at least 4 meters above the ground level. However, even if they are not staying on the ground, they would explore your yard regularly. If the source of food is available in the yard, then nobody can help in stopping their visits except for removing them from the area. The removal process would include luring them towards food and trapping them in the traps.

The professional services would observe the area for some days to predict the movement of the possum. Later, they would set up fake food and trap near their entry. The possums are simple, and they would get caught easily in the traps. Furthermore, after trapping, the services would handle their release in an area that needs to at least 100 meters away from the original space. The longer distance would avoid their reentry in the area. Thus, the possum removal cost for this service would be 100-150 $, and it would take about two to three days to complete the process.

Possum Removal Cost from the Attic

The possum removal cost from the attic would be more because it is tough to remove possums from their house. The professionals would make a fake house and place it on top of the tree or at another location. The possums can find their home with their smell. So, keeping their original home in the fake house would help in relocating them quickly.

Furthermore, the professionals would survey all the entry points in the attic and, after proper observations, would remove the house in the absence of possums. They tend to go out in search of food at night. So, that would be the best time to remove their house and place a trap instead. 

The possums would get trapped in the traps, and the person can release them at a different location where their house is placed. However, they would need trees for survival. So, the new site needs to be at the top of the tree in such a way that they can quickly get out in search of food. The possum removal cost for this process can be around 400-500 $, and it might take a week to accomplish it.

Thus, the possum removal cost depends on the area of removal, along with the ease of the survey. Furthermore, the professionals would have fixed locations to move them, which would help in their survival. For the best professional possum removal services, you need to call Possum Pest Control Melbourne(03) 9021 3762 or book us online.