Possum Removal Dandenong

Possum Removal DandenongNo one wishes to share their home or business with possums. They are opportunistic animals that can take up residence within your attic, underneath the decks, along the crawl space or outside in the garage, stealing pet’s food, trampling your garden and ripping apart your garbage. Here at Possum Removal, we have been helping residences and businesses across Dandenong with their possum removal needs. Our team of pest control experts is highly experienced in trapping and removing these marsupials in compliance with the regulations set by the Australian government.


Possums are stinking animals, leave large faces behind and carry parasites such as ticks, mites and fleas that might transmit diseases. If you’ve got bitten or infested by any of these parasites, it turns out to be a big nightmare. Hence, it is always a wiser solution to trust the job to the hands of the experts. At Possum Pest Control, we have highly trained exterminators who can remove living and dead possums from your property.


Here at Possum Removal, we adopt a streamlined approach to eliminate the possum from your property. First of all, we will conduct a thorough inspection of your property to confirm their presence and determine the level of infestation. Then, we will set the traps made of mesh-wires where the movement of these pests are highly observed. Once caught, we will release them either in your property or within 50 meters as per the Australian laws.


Possums can return again and again, so it is important to take necessary measures to deter their recurrence.  Some preventive techniques we deploy include:

  • Installing plastic barriers around trees
  • Spiking on fences to restrict their movement
  • Securing pet foods
  • Sealing the entry points to your property
  • Netting over fruit trees and edible plats

Got a possum infestation in your Dandenong home or business? Feel free to call 03 9021 3762 and schedule an appointment for an inspection today.

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