Possum Removal Diamond Creek

Are possums creating a mess at your property in Diamond Creek? Call our possum pest control professionals from Possum Removal Melbourne. We are possum removal experts in Diamond Creek, helping households and businesses stay possum-free. Possums are native wild animals of Australia and are protected species under law. So, when it comes to removing them, our authorised possum control team can help you. Whether you have been seeing possums in your vegetable yard, your pet food goes missing, or hearing noises at night from your roof, there could be a possibility of a possum infestation at your home, and you must quickly call our team for removal.

possum removal

Possum trapping And Relocation

As we mentioned before, possums are protected under Australian law. So, safe and humane removal is a must. Our licensed possum removal team uses gentle baits to trap the possums, and once trapped, we will relocate them to suitable environments.

How Do We Remove Them?

Our team uses medium-sized cages to trap the possums. The cages should be spacious enough for the possums to move around. We place the cage where you have witnessed a possum activity. Our possum control team uses attractive baits like ripe fruit, cat food, or marshmallows inside the cage to trap the possums. As soon as they are trapped, we lock them and relocate them from your property. We assure you that these are not harmed during the trapping procedure.  Upon removal, we recommend pest-roofing your home to avoid future entries.

Our possum control measures include:

  • Sealing off cracks, holes, and gaps that act as entryways.
  • Removing the rotten or ripened fruits from the garden
  • Cutting off all the overgrown trees that lead to your attic
  • Removing food, water, and shelter sources to deter possums.

Why Choose Our Possum Removal Service In Diamond Creek?

  • We are your go-to possum removal team in Diamond Creek.
  • Our team can handle from possum removal to control, ensuring peace of mind.
  • We deal with all types of possums, effectively removing and relocating them.
  • Our possum control costs may vary depending on the infestations.
  • We ensure the safe relocation of possums while restoring your home’s peace.

If you are alarmed by possums and need a quick removal solution, call Possum Removal Melbourne at 03 9021 3762 today.

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