Possum Removal Frankston

If you have witnessed a possum sheltering in your attic, then it may be the time to get in touch with Possum Removal Melbourne. We are a leading provider of possum removal services and have been serving households and businesses across Frankston and the surrounding suburbs for many years now. With sound knowledge on the behavioural habits of these creatures, we are able to provide quick and lasting solution for your possum problems.

Why Do You Need Possum Removal Frankston?

possum removalPossums are annoying creatures and bother the occupants of a property that they have invaded. These creatures will feed upon your pet’s food, and spread diseases to them. Moreover, they carry harmful parasites such as ticks, fleas and mites that might cause health problems in humans as well. They can make a mess of your garbage and even wreck your home by chewing through the electrical wires. Their large droppings and urine create intolerable pungent odour. They continuously trample your garden and eat away the plants, fruits and vegetables. For all these reasons, working with rodent control experts is a great idea.

How Can We Help?

When you approach us to help you with your possum problem, we will dispatch a team of experts who will thoroughly evaluate the condition and come up with a bespoke solution for you. In most of the cases, we will set up traps in areas where the activities of possums are more. Once we have caught these animals, we will release it within 50m distance of radius as per the government’s regulations. After removing the existing infestation, we will install barriers and seal all the entry points to prevent future infestation.

If you are interested to work with our rodent control team, feel free to call 03 9021 3762 and discuss your pest control requirements with us today.

We also offer all pest control services including wasp control, bees removal, Ant Pest Control and Rat Removal.