Possum Removal Hastings

If you notice any signs that indicate the presence of possum in your property, you should approach a professional possum control team. For possum removal in Hastings, you can trust Possum Removal Melbourne. We have a team of experts, serving the residents of Hastings and the surrounding suburbs with their possum control needs.

Why Do You Need Possum Removal Hastings?

Rodent Control ServicesWhen possums infest a property, they cause extensive damages to the property that are expensive to fix. They build their nest in the attics and tear up the ductwork and insulation. They act aggressively towards your pets and feed upon their food too. These animals also produce a lot of urine and faecal matter which create pungent odour and stubborn stains. They also carry parasites which might cause health concerns in humans and pets.


How Can We Help?

Possums are protected species in Australia, and there are certain regulations to be followed while trying to remove it from a property. At Possum Removal Melbourne, we follow a standardised procedure and work in compliance with the regulations set by the Australian government. We set the traps around your property based on the activities of the possums. Once the possums are trapped, we will take the trap with us and release the animal within 50m radius of distance.

To know more about our possum removal services, call 03 9021 3762 and speak to our experts today.

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