5 Things You Must Never Do To Possums!

Possums are the gentlest animals you can ever find. They are not aggressive. Possums have sharp teeth, which are sharp enough to bite. However, they don’t fight back or bite even if you provoke them.  Only some species bite when they are cornered or captured aggressively. Some open their mouths to produce a loud-hissing sound to intimidate the attacker. Possums are nocturnal creatures. However, if they are found during daylight hours by the intruder and are threatened with danger, they will act dead to confuse the intruder. If there is one or too many at home, make sure to call a possum removal expert to keep your house safe.

Possum Removal Melbourne

  • If you find a possum, ensure you call the possum removal team to help you get rid of the wild animal safely. However, if you try to harass them aggressively, they will bite you hard. Their bites are highly infectious as they eat food from all kinds of garbage cans.
  • Also, never make the mistake of catching them by their tail, they will quickly twirl and snap back at you and even bite you to escape.
  • As possums are wild animals, their eating nature is different and they eat about anything appetizing. Some species of possums tend to growl or hiss and bite when they are bothered while eating food.
  • Possums generally tend to avoid fights & confrontations with humans and other species and run for their safety. If you have spotted them in your yard or attic, let the possum removal team inspect & recommend solutions to get rid of them.
  • Though possums look cute & adorable, exposure to their droppings or urine can cause severe long-term illness.

So, if you’ve spotted a possum at your property & suspect there may be some inside your home, call a possum removal expert from Possum Control Melbourne. For home inspections, call 03 9021 3762 today.

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