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Are Possums A Winter Pest?

Yes, possums can be considered winter pests. While they are generally harmless creatures, their search for warmth and shelter during colder months often leads them into urban households. Due to many dynamic changes in the environment over the years, possums have chosen to reside in buildings, homes, sheds, and garages. They play a beneficial role […]

How To Prevent Possums from Entering Your Home in Winter?

possum removal melbourne

As the nights grow colder in Melbourne, many of us find ourselves yearning for cozy nights indoors. Unfortunately, there’s another group of creatures with the same idea – possums! These marsupials, while undeniably cute at times, can wreak havoc in your attic or crawl space if they manage to sneak inside. Fortunately, with the right […]

How Possum Removal Services Can Enhance Your Property’s Safety and Value?

Melbourne’s charm extends beyond its vibrant culture and stunning architecture. However, these same qualities can also attract unwanted guests – possums. While these furry marsupials might seem cute, their presence in your home can lead to a multitude of problems. When it comes to maintaining the safety and value of your property, possum removal might […]

How To Keep Your Home Unattractive For Possums?

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Possums are often seen as cute and harmless. But they can become quite a nuisance when they decide to make your property their home. These nocturnal marsupials are known for their destructive behaviours, such as damaging gardens, chewing through wiring, and creating noise at night. To avoid these issues, it’s crucial to take proactive steps […]

Is Possum Control Necessary In Autumn?

As autumn takes over Melbourne, not only does the landscape change but also the activities of our local wildlife – possums. Many homeowners wonder if possum control becomes more critical during this season. These curious marsupials, while undeniably cute at times, can wreak havoc in attics, crawl spaces, and even inside your home if they […]

Things That Attract Possums to Your Property

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Do you find possums around your property? Then, proper care is a must to protect against the damage caused by possums. You can either call up a possum removal expert to get rid of them or DIY possum control steps to eliminate them. These nocturnal marsupials roam the streets and gardens of Melbourne, and can […]

How To Control Super-Active Possums In Melbourne?


Ever faced a possum problem? If not, you wouldn’t know the trouble and irritation they bring. Possums are nocturnal creatures often seen scurrying across Melbourne roofs and gardens, have a charm of their own. However, their charm quickly fades away when they invade our homes, creating noises, damage, and unwelcome disturbances. Super-active possums can particularly […]

How To Remove Possums From The Roof?

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Did you know? Possums are very adaptable wild animals. And they have learned to live on the rooftops and crevices of our homes. Due to deforestation and scarcity of food, they have taken up urban residences as their second home. This is why we can see possums on our property. Moreover, finding possums on your […]

How To Stop Possums From Damaging Your Roof Tiles?

Possum Removal Melbourneossum removal melbourne

Possums are cute, furry creatures, but when they decide to make your roof their playground, they can become a significant nuisance. Their nocturnal activities, including running, scratching, and nesting, can damage your roof tiles over time. If you have been facing this issue, make sure to call a possum removal team to help you out. […]

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