Are Possum Traps A Useful Method For Possum Control?

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There are many reasons to choose possum traps but a little bit about possums, are the type of animals that are likely to be seen near a trash can in search of food. They look like cats but have a hairy and furry body.

They might confuse you with rats or mice, but they are more abundant. However, they share the same tendency and like to hide in burrows or cavities.

They do not cause any major issues except for hurting the pets or biting when they are aggressive. However, it is essential to remove them with the help of possum traps.

There are many reasons to choose possum traps, and some of the lists below provide some of the ideas along with solutions.

Why Use Possum Traps?

People think that possums are cute, and they would not cause any significant issues in the life of the person. However, they are wrong, and the below list provides the problems that they can cause in the presence of a person.

Possums are prone to dirty habitat. So, they would enter the house through open food or trash cans. Moreover, they like to stay in waste, and so there are chances that they would spoil the surroundings.

The collection and spreading of debris can cause significant diseases. So, it is essential to opt for a possum exterminator if there are more possums in the surroundings.

Moreover, possums like to build their house in burrows or cavities in the roof. So, these cavities would lead to significant damage to the ceiling. The cost of repairing the roof would be higher than the price of possum traps for its removal. Thus, possum control would help in saving the roof.

The possums do not have the habit of biting, but they can be dangerous for the pets if they eat them. However, they are not prone to rabies, but they capture animal diseases very easily. They are very famous for spreading viruses from the horse. So, the person needs to take extra care if they have horses or any other such animals.

Types Of Possum Traps

The above-stated reasons would prove that the person must remove possums from their yards. They can use many different methods, but the use of possum traps is the best possible method.

The first type of trap would be the humane trap. They are the regular traps that the person uses to catch a cat or mouse. The possums do not get disturbed by the presence of the traps and can stay calm in them. So using a trap at their probable location with a bait could help in catching them quickly.

The other type of traps would include the style of placing them. The animal tends to move in tunnels and cavities. So, you can set the trap at various places such as tunnels and on the branches of the trees. Thus, these things would help in catching them quickly.

The person can also use repellents to stop the presence of the possums. They do not like the smell of naphthalene and ammonia. So, you can use such products near their house and prevent their appearance. These things would not require the use of possum traps to remove them. Moreover, the method would also not hurt the animal, and you can get relief from their presence very quickly.

How To Install Possum Traps?

  • Proper installation of possum traps is essential if you want to trap them on time.
  • The possums like to travel at night in search of food. So, you need to place the traps at night and around the location of its house. Moreover, it would help if you put a bait in the trap to attract them.
  • If you do not want to attract a cat in the trap, then try using the specific bait. For example, you can use raw chicken, peanut butter, and ripe fruits to attract only possums and not cats.
  • It is vital to clean the trap before using it. If it is a used trap, then the strong-smelling sense of the possum would keep them away from it. So, you need to wash it with water and vinegar. These things would attract the possums to the traps.
  • Possums are very scared of many things, and so instead of using possum traps, you can catch them by yourself. You have to surprise them by approaching from the back and getting hold of their tails. They would get distracted and focus on the rear while you can hold them and throw them in a bag.
  • However, using the traps would help you in catching them very quickly. The primary care that the person needs to take is in placing the traps. They need to be placed near burrows and cavities where possums are likely to stay.

The possums are timid and introverted animals. They do not usually come out of their house except to search for food in day light. They collect sweet food items and small insects and animals as their food. Moreover, they work in summer and sleep through the winter. So, they would build their houses in a warm place.

They also hate to change their home frequently, and they do not stay in the house built by other animals. Thus, they are very selective and catching them might become tricky.

Moving on

However, the above information about their knowledge would help you in understanding the basics of the possums. So, you can try various possum traps to trap them and get rid of them from your house. However, you can always call a local or professional possum removal agency for help. Moreover, if you are sensitive to animals, then the possum companies would be the best option for you.

The professionals know about dealing with the animal, and they would not harm the possum. However, you need to take care that you release them in a place that has trees so that they can climb it for safety.

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