Are There Rats Or Possums On Your Property?

Have you ever shaken up from sleep due to a strange or weird noise? It might be frightening to know the pests’ presence in your home! And it’s even more frightening to know whether it could be rats or possums that are destroying your peace. Both are annoying creatures & should not be in your living space. That’s why you must get in touch with possum control or rat control specialists to eliminate them properly.  However, if you want to know who is the culprit that’s disturbing your peaceful sleep at night, here are some common signs that you can use to find out the pests hiding in your house.

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Disturbing Sounds

Both possums and rats produce sounds at night. However, there is a difference. Rats only screech & scutter when they tip-tap on your roof and run around. Possums screech as well & they are often high-pitched & long and are generally loud and make noise while running and scurrying.


Another sign to find whether it’s a rat or a possums is to look at their droppings. Rats often make small black or brown puddles that are thin and pellet-like. Possums are usually large & it’s another good indicator to find whether they are possums or rats.

Structural Damage

All pests cause damage to your property. When it comes to rats, you can see gnaw marks in small sizes, half-eaten wire cables, and scratch marks on your rooftop or in other rat-infested areas. In the case of possums, the scratching marks will be large as their claws are big. So, you need to look for big entry holes, scratch marks, and chewed-up wire cables.

Given these signs, be sure to watch them and keep your house clean and well-ventilated.  If ever you spot any, call Possum Removal Melbourne on 03 9021 3762 today.

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