Factors Determining Possum Removal Prices In Melbourne

If you are looking for possum removal services then you are at the right place. We provide effective Possum Removal services in Melbourne at the best possible prices. Possum Control Melbourne Prices ranges from as low as $100+GST to as high has no figure to quote. The Possum Control cost completely depends upon the level of infestation and the time and techniques which are made use of in order to deal with the problem. If there are multiple number of possums to be removed then automatically the charges shoot up. Similarly, if there are multiple visits required to remove the possums and to block all entry points then again, the Possum Control cost may increase.

possum removal

Since possums are protected species under the Wildlife Act 1975 therefore, by law possums needs to be relocated with utmost care to a place where they can thrive. Killing and extermination of possums is an illegal act and call for consequences. Only licensed wildlife pest control agencies are allowed to remove possums by making use of methods which have been specified by the Australian regulatory association.

Following are some of the. Possum Removal & Proofing Services which are included in our possum removal program

  • Inspection and assessment- Possums are great in hiding hence a detailed assessment and inspection is conducted to locate the possum.
  • One way exit method-A one way exit is created so that all possums can go away via a common route without being stressed. After they have left the property, the one way exit point is blocked, so that there is no future possibility for them to return.
  • Trap and release-In case a possum refuses to exit from a one way exit then they are carefully trapped in a cage and is released in a peripheral of 50-meter radius.

We make sure that the possums do not return, however to play safe we offer a warranty period along without possum proofing program which is included in the Possum Control cost. Our possum catchers are well trained and aware of all the legalities under the Wildlife Act 1975. Call Possum Removal Melbourne on 03 9021 3762 today.

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