How Do I Get a Possum Out Of My Roof?

possum removal

Possums are mammals that survive on their own. A person cannot keep them as pets since they can harm other pets like dogs and cats. Moreover, they look like a rat or mouse but have a height that is similar to cats. They are animals with fur and have a bushy tail. These mammals are not very harmful because they are not very aggressive. But they might cause harm if provoked. They can bite if provoked, and their bite can harm the person or the pet to a great extent. So, a person needs to go for possum removal Melbourne experts from roof if they have entered their property.

Possums have the habit of roaming around at night. They hate bright light, and so they would go out at night to search for food. The bright light hinders their vision, which irritates their nature. So, they prefer not to stay in the blazing sun. Moreover, they like to build their houses in a place that gets enough darkness. For example, they build homes in the cavities of the roof or walls in the garden. They prefer to stay at height because of the desired safety. Possum removal has always been difficult and a person needs to understand the basics of it.

Is Possum Removal Possible?

The cat-like animal likes darkness and would never leave their premises in the daytime. Moreover, they want to stick to their house and not change their home very quickly. The possum which has traveled from another location would not stay in a house made by another possum. Besides, they are prone to new areas, and in sporadic cases, they would intend to change the house. Thus, you need to help the possum in relocating if you want possum removal from your roof.

Rules For Possum Removal From Roof

Possum removal is illegal in some places because the government is trying to protect them from extinction. So, you cannot relocate or kill the possum, and you need to save them in every possible way. You need to search for possum removal services near me if you want a license for relocating them. There are local possum removal companies that would provide the desired consent along with a trap. However, there are many rules that you need to follow before attempting possum removal.

If you want to relocate a possum, then it is necessary to have a license, trap, and duplicate possum house. The government intends to protect the possums and so the duplicate house would mean that they would have a backup.
Furthermore, if you intend to use the trap and not provide a house, then you have to follow the rules related to their release. The release of possum needs to be 150 meters away from the location of their capture. Also, it would help if you released them at dusk because they cannot survive bright light.

Lastly, they like to stay at a height, which means that the area of release needs to have trees on which they can climb. Possums are very inferior, and they would not be able to survive in the field without trees. They will not attempt to go in search of food if they are in unknown territory. So, providing proper shelter and food would help them in surviving.

Possum Removal From Roof

Possums are bound to occupy a location in the cavity of the roofs. While they would not harm the person, they might cause a dirty environment. So, it is essential to remove the possum from the ceiling on time.

The first point would be to make sure that they are possums and not cats. So, to ensure this, you can spread flour in the surrounding area and confirm their existence by their footprints.

It is imperative to provide them with a house. So, it would help if you borrowed both a trap and a home from the local possum removal companies.

Possum would not stay in another house. So, you need to pick their original nest and transfer it into the new home. Place it in the desired location. The location needs to be at least 4 meters above the ground on a tree or a fence. You can put pieces of fresh fruits in their new house so that their smell would attract them towards their home. However, you need to perform this task at night because they are away from their house in the night time.

After Relocation of Possum

After relocating the house, you need to try for possum removal from the previous location. You can sprinkle naphthalene or camphor balls around the area and on the roof. Moreover, you can also leave a bright light in the area. The combination of light and smell would keep them away from the original location. This would lead them towards the search for a new house, and their smell might attract them to the new home.

If you find out that you have successfully scared away the possum, then you can seal the entryway on the roof. You can use chicken wire or other materials to seal the roof. Moreover, you can cut out any lengthy roof piece that touches the ceiling. This would ensure that they would not return. However, if they return, then you need to find the other entry which they might be using.

What to do Next?

If the above process fails several times, then you can use the possum removal services in Melbourne to relocate them. The possum removal from roof process is expensive, and it might happen that the companies would charge you high. So, it is better to use the old home remedy for relocating the possums. This way you will be able to remove the possums without causing any harm to them. Moreover, possums would not feel threatened, and they would be able to move away quickly. As a result, you would be able to accomplish two goals – possum removal and their protection.

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