How To Keep Possums Out Of Your Yard?

Possums are too cute to handle, but they are great scavengers, look for food at night and enter your yard to find any food spills and destroy your trash cans and garbage bags, making your place messy and smelly. Like rats, possums also carry diseases and transmit them to your pets. So, it’s better to call upon Possum Removal Melbourne experts to offer quick relief from these nocturnal creatures. Whether you spot one or two or keep seeing them wandering on your property, you may want to do these simple possum-removal tactics to divert them and chase them away from your home.

possum removal

Opt For Bins With Lids

Garbage bags are an easy target for these possums to mess around, eat the food scraps and make the place nasty and smelly. If you’re using garbage bags, make sure to dispose of them off regularly, or else you can buy a hard trash can with a lid where you can dump the bags. When you cut off their food source, they will look for some other property and leave yours.

Glare Lights

Possums are not very fond of harsh & glaring lights & you can use this against them to scare them off. Install motion detectors or flood lights with alarms to alert them and they will rethink entering your yard.

Remove Their Food Sources

The reason possums found your home their place is the easy access to food. What they find craving is your bird feeders, garden produce, green compost, pet food bowls, and trash bags. You must make sure to keep all these things out of their reach or completely get rid of them properly.

Put Up A Fence

If your yard is open and inviting, possums would want to enter your property very easily, you can put up a fence leaving no gap from the ground. As possums are great climbers, you need to ensure that the fence is stronger and has no gaps for them to sneak through.

Possums may appear to be harmless; however, they are harmful to you and to people at home. So make sure to hire possum removal experts from Possum Removal Melbourne.  For home inspections, call 03 9021 3762 today.

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