How To Keep The Possum Away From Trash Or Yards?

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Possums are the nocturnal animals that go in search of food during night times. They also like to stay in dark areas. They look for the food in the gardens and yards. In the process of searching for food, they create a lot of mess in the garden and spoil your beautiful landscape. Besides this, these mammals also make annoying noises during night times and spread lousy odor. If pets and kids are in the home that has possums, then there are chances of them getting prone to various diseases. These mammals also use holes to get into the attic, garages, roofs, and basement of the home. Here are a few ways that help with Possum removal in Melbourne from Yards include:

Do not Keep the Food in Open Places to Get Opossum Away from the Trash:

The first thing that pulls the attention of possums to your garden is the food that you have kept for pets in the feeder. Also, their attention is grabbed by the food thrown in the garbage bin. The food is easily accessible for Possum when you dispose of the leftovers in the trash. You need to keep a close tab on these areas in your backyard for Possum removal from the trash.

  • Debris bins: You must keep the garbage cans covered with a lid
  • Pet food: You must keep the pet food outdoors in the morning and bring them inside in the evenings.
  • Bird feeders: You must remove the hanging bird feeder to the tree and keep in a closed container
  • Compost piles: You must not use animal products as compost in your garden. You need to keep the garden clean and dispose of the fruits and vegetables that have fallen down after ripening for Possum removal from the trash.

Seal the Hiding Spots For Possum Control Melbourne:

This is the best Possum removal from Yards. The majority of possums would not feed on the other animals. They look for the dark and protected spots to hide. When you remove the hiding spots from the yard, these nocturnal animals will start to look for the other places. It would help if you chopped down the thick greenery in the garden and tall trees. The leaves piled up must also be removed. It would help if you kept the garden equipment that you are not using in a storeroom instead of keeping it outside. These places act as homes for possums. When you keep the garden clean, it will invite opossums to stay in those places.

Shed Extra Lights:

These nocturnal animals will come out in search of food during night times. You can take this as an advantage for Possum removal from Yards. You must identify the dark areas in the yard and arrange enough lightning to keep the area illuminated. When you attach lights to the garden structures, it won’t let possums enter your premises. You can arrange to light in the areas that you would like to protect, such as compost pile or the place where you store garbage cans.


It would be best if you placed the mothballs in a sealed container. It would help if you made some holes in the container to let the smell spread in your home and repel possums. You can also place this container in the garden to prevent possums from making their homes in the garden.

Dog Urine:

The smell of the dog urine will scare possums. You can mix dog urine in the water and pour this solution on the ground to avoid possums from moving around in the garden.

Install a Fence:

You must set up a fence in the garden. It is the first line of defence for Possum control from the trash. You must choose the fence material that is tough for possums to climb. The most preferred fence material used is metal. The fence should be very tall that possums would be unable to jump. You also must bury the fence until 12 feet so that the little critters won’t dig up holes.

Use Motion Sensor Sprinklers:

It is the best Possum removal from Yards deterrent that you can use it for the yard. It would help if you placed the motion sensor sprinklers in the places where possums would often visit. You can also keep in places where they frequently move. The motion sensors will get ON when pests move in that area. When pests learn about this trick, they will stay away from that particular area. Therefore, you must keep on changing the motion sensor sprinkler position in the garden.

Use Dog or Cat Fur:

Cats and dogs will help you with Possum control Melbourne from Yards. However, to keep these animals away from your yard, you do not need to have a pet in your home; instead, you can use the fur of the dog or the cat. You can get the fur from your neighbor or the local pet store. You must place the hair in the places where possums are frequently seen and from the areas where you want to keep them away. When you place the fur, it makes them feel that there is a predator around. It would help if you kept on changing the fur to keep its scent.

Use Unpleasant Odors:

This is another Possum removal from the trash. Possums have good smelling power. They can differentiate what a pleasant and unpleasant smell is. They can smell the garbage, food, and compose from a long distance and come closer in search of it. These get attracted by the pleasant smells and, at the same time, get repelled by the unpleasant odors. You can keep garlic, ammonia, or mothball in your garden to keep these pests at bay.

Chemical Repellents to Control Possum in Melbourne:

It is the most effective yet safe Possum Control in Melbourne from the trash. You can get the chemical repellents in the hardware stores. The repellents are made using predator urine. The success rate to keep possums away from the garden using repellants is high. You can use these repellants near the fences and patching holes.

Call Professionals for Possum Control in Melbourne:

You can call the professionals who come with the right equipment and control Possum in Melbourne away from your yards.
These are a few ways you can try to keep possums away from your garden or yard.

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