How To Keep Your Home Unattractive For Possums?

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Possums are often seen as cute and harmless. But they can become quite a nuisance when they decide to make your property their home. These nocturnal marsupials are known for their destructive behaviours, such as damaging gardens, chewing through wiring, and creating noise at night. To avoid these issues, it’s crucial to take proactive steps in possum control. This blog will guide you through several strategies to make your Melbourne home less inviting to possums, thus reducing the need for possum removal services.

Secure Food Sources

Possums are primarily attracted to easy food sources. To deter them:

Secure your bins – You must ensure that all garbage and compost bins are tightly sealed. Possums can easily tip over bins that are not securely closed.

Pet food precautions – Never leave pet food outside overnight as it is a significant attractant for possums.

Fruit tree management – Pick up any fallen fruits from your garden promptly, and consider netting around fruit trees to prevent possum access.

Modify Their Access

Limiting possums’ ability to enter your home is a critical aspect of possum control:

Trim tree branches – Cut back any tree limbs that hang over your roof or are close to windows to block their common entry routes.

Repair entry points – Regularly inspect your home for cracks, holes, or other potential entry points. Sealing these can prevent possums from nesting in your attic or crawl spaces.

Use Possum Deterrents

Various humane deterrents can help keep possums away. Motion-activated lights or sprinklers are the latest possum control devices that can startle possums and discourage them from entering your property. You can also use non-toxic repellents that can make your garden and home less appealing to possums. Opt for those specifically designed for possum control, which won’t harm the animals as they are a protected species under the law.

While possums are a challenging pest, taking preventive measures can significantly reduce their presence around your home. Implementing these strategies will not only help keep your property possum-free but also reduce the likelihood of requiring professional possum removal services.

If you find that possums continue to be a problem, consider reaching out to Possum Removal Melbourne to discuss further humane removal and control options. Remember, effective possum management is about prevention, deterrence, and ensuring your home remains an unattractive spot for these nocturnal visitors. For inspections, reach us at  03 9021 3762 today.

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