How To Prevent Possums from Entering Your Home in Winter?

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As the nights grow colder in Melbourne, many of us find ourselves yearning for cozy nights indoors. Unfortunately, there’s another group of creatures with the same idea – possums! These marsupials, while undeniably cute at times, can wreak havoc in your attic or crawl space if they manage to sneak inside. Fortunately, with the right possum control strategies, you can keep these nocturnal visitors at bay. In today’s blog, let’s dive into some effective ways to prevent possums from entering your home during the colder months.

Seal Entry Points

The first step in possum pest control is to cut off access. Possums can squeeze through small spaces, so it’s crucial to inspect your home for any cracks, holes, or openings. Common areas include roof vents, loose siding, and under doors. Seal these gaps with sturdy materials. Steel wool, metal sheeting, or specially designed wildlife barriers can prevent possums from chewing their way in.

Modify the Habitat

Possums are attracted to environments that provide shelter and food. To make your property less inviting, you can trim tree branches away from your house. This removes the aerial pathways possums use to jump onto your roof. Secure garbage bins and compost heaps. Ensure all food waste is inaccessible to wildlife, as it’s a major draw for possums.

Install Possum Deterrents

Sometimes, physical barriers alone aren’t enough. Consider adding deterrents like:

  • Motion-activated lights or sprinklers. These can startle and scare away possums approaching your home.
  • Ultrasonic devices. These emit sounds that are unpleasant to possums but inaudible to humans.

Keeping possums out of your home in winter doesn’t have to be a battle. With thorough inspections, habitat modifications, and the strategic use of deterrents, you can enjoy a possum-free season. If you find that possums have already made themselves at home, it may be time to call in the experts.

Professional pest control services like Possum Removal Melbourne offer humane and effective possum control solutions to ensure your home remains yours alone. If you’re looking for a possum removal service to protect your house, call us at 03 9021 3762 today.

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