Is Possum Control Necessary In Autumn?

As autumn takes over Melbourne, not only does the landscape change but also the activities of our local wildlife – possums. Many homeowners wonder if possum control becomes more critical during this season. These curious marsupials, while undeniably cute at times, can wreak havoc in attics, crawl spaces, and even inside your home if they find an entry point.  So, with autumn upon us, is possum control a necessary measure or can we coexist peacefully with these furry visitors? In today’s blog, we’ll delve into the reasons why possums might be drawn to your property in autumn, explore the potential problems they can cause, and offer guidance if possum removal is truly necessary for your situation.

Preparing for Colder Months

Possums, being adaptive creatures, begin to seek warmer shelters as the temperature drops in autumn. This often leads them closer to human habitats, looking for cozy nooks in attics, garages, or under houses. Ensuring your home is secured against possum entry can prevent them from choosing your property as their winter retreat.

Autumn Feasts

The fall season is also a time when possums start to forage more aggressively to build up fat reserves for the colder months. Gardens, fruit trees shedding their bounty, and unsecured compost bins can attract possums. Managing these attractants can lessen the chances of possum visits.

The Right Time for Control Measures

Implementing possum control measures in autumn can be particularly effective. It’s easier to deter possums from settling in before they establish a nest for the winter. Simple steps like installing possum guards, securing food sources, and sealing entry points can make a big difference.

Yes, possum control is indeed necessary in autumn. As possums prepare for the colder months, their search for food and shelter can lead them into close quarters with humans. By taking proactive steps during autumn, homeowners can prevent possum-related issues, ensuring both the safety of their homes and the well-being of these native marsupials. Remember, for safe and humane possum removal; always seek assistance from Possum Removal Melbourne. To schedule an appointment with us, call (03) 9021 3762 today.

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