Possum At A Home Ware Shop Making Headlines – Here’s The Story!

They say possums are cute and recent news that went viral about a possum proves that it’s true. The news said that the possum has taken residence in one of Melbourne’s front window displays and refused to leave the shop, catching the onlooker customer’s attention. The possum had an overnight stay at the Bungalow Trading Co on Martin Street in Brighton, Melbourne shop, knocking over the homewares, leaving dropping all the way. Though it looked cute and the staff at the homewares store was annoyed with the mess that the possum had created. The staff had an interesting day getting rid of the furry friend by an animal rescuer.  Though the news is funny, it’s a serious issue that we need to possum-proof the property and have a possum removal Melbourne Company to help you out.


So, possum removal experts recommend some tips so that you can safeguard your property from these nocturnal creatures.

Seal Gaps & Crevices

Whether you’re living in an urban or far from the city, make sure that your property is sealed. It means fixing the gutter, attic, broken doors, and windows any tiny area that allows these pesky creatures to enter inside the property.

Overgrown Gardens

Possums belong to the wildlife and love hanging around dark and overgrown gardens. So make sure that your garden is well-trimmed, clean, and free of heaps of organic compost, rotting veggies, and fruits. These invite possums to your garden and more likely to your house.

Remove Possum Attractants

Messy, overflowing trash bins are one of the attractive features for possums to enter your property.   If you have left pet food outside overnight, they will take it as an invite and come to your property.  If you’re growing fruit-bearing plants or vegetables in your garden, make sure your veggie garden is sealed properly. You can use motion detectors or alarms or glare lights to scare them off.

If ever you find a possum in your residence or on your property, make sure to call our possum removal experts from Possum Removal Melbourne at (03) 9021 3762 today.

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