Possum Proof Your Home This Winter – Here’s Why?


Possums are cute, fluffy wild animals and native to Australia. They appear friendly & curious but are not appreciated in homes or residences. They are fast-climbers and hyperactive players, opportunistic survivors. Especially, during winter months when food is scarce for them, they invade households, residences and even commercial outlets as well. If you’re living in a faraway suburb away from the city side, chances are you may get to see these irritable creatures scurrying across electrical lines or compound walls. Winter has stepped in, it’s time to possum-proof your home as they’re the most active pests. So, let’s take a look at why should possum proof your home during this cold weather.

They Look For New Shelter

As the temperature has dropped down, it’s the time where possums look for a new shelter to stay warm and raise their young ones. If your house roof provides easy access for them, they’ll visit to check whether the spot is comfortable and take a hideaway until winter ends. This is when you’re likely to get noises, scurrying and coughing sounds. So, hire a possum control specialist to inspect your roof and ensure it is safe.

Hire Pest Control Specialist

It’s essential to take necessary precautions during winter to control possums as they create havoc on your roof. The first and foremost thing to do is to call a possum control specialist to check your backyard, roof, and garden areas. They identify their entry points and provide accurate solutions to prevent possum entry.

Possum Proofing Your Entire Home

Once the possum control specialist confirms the presence of possums in your home, they’ll immediately recommend sealing the possible entry points through which they had come in. They will point out other possibilities they access and encourage you to make your home less likely for them to occupy. Also, over-grown or bushy gardens are another reason for them to get access to your home. So, you should trim down the overgrown tree branches and protect your lower decks from possum invasion.

Bottom Line

Possum control is essential during winter as you wouldn’t want a group of possums to take shelter at your home and messing your space. To prevent possum entry and get rid of the infestation, call Possum Removal on (03) 9021 3762.

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