Things That Attract Possums to Your Property

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Do you find possums around your property? Then, proper care is a must to protect against the damage caused by possums. You can either call up a possum removal expert to get rid of them or DIY possum control steps to eliminate them. These nocturnal marsupials roam the streets and gardens of Melbourne, and can often find their way into our homes. While they play a crucial role in our ecosystem, their presence can lead to disturbances and damage. Understanding what attracts them to our properties is the first step in managing their visits. So, if you are bothered by possums, get help from professional possum control services in Melbourne.

Food Sources

One of the primary reasons possums venture into human habitats is the food search. Unsecured garbage bins, pet food left outside, and accessible compost heaps are irresistible to them. Fruit trees and vegetable gardens also offer a bounty that possums can hardly ignore. Ensuring food sources are well-secured can significantly reduce possum attraction. This is one of the proven steps in possum control.


Like any other creature, possums need water to survive. Bird baths, leaky taps, and open water containers can draw them to your property. Eliminating these water sources, especially during dry spells, can make your property less appealing to these visitors. Also, keep the water pipes and pipelines secured with a lid.


Possums seek out warm, dry, and safe places to nest, which is why they are often found in roof spaces or under houses. Openings or damage to your home can provide the perfect entrance for a possum looking for a new home. Regular maintenance and prompt repairs can deter possums from taking up residence.

Possums are attracted to our properties by basic needs: food, water, and shelter. By addressing these attractants, we can make our homes less inviting to possums, reducing the likelihood of unwanted encounters. Remember, if possums become a persistent issue, it’s best to consult with a professional possum removal service in Melbourne to handle the situation humanely and legally.

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