Why Possums Invade Home Spaces? – Here’s The Reason

possum removalCuddly, cute, and fluffy, possums may look innocent; but are dangerous transmitters of diseases to humans. They also carry ticks, fleas, and tiny parasites on their body. If a possum is living in your garage, attic, or any other space where it is not supposed to be; you need to find out how it got there in the first place. You may be attracting them with their favorite food & shelter. Though you can rely on Possum Control companies; if you want to know why possums are invading your property, we have some useful information to help you out.

Comfy Environment

Whether you’re living in the countryside or an urban setting, possums often prefer outdoor areas to rural places. They would love to take shelter in attics, as they are easy to climb and occupy the dark space. They also like basements, storage sheds, and even garages. There is also the chance that your decks and crawl spaces might be a playground for possums. If it is a dark place, the nocturnal possum might be interested in it. 

Pet Food And Water

Are you leaving your pet food outside? Your pet food and water could be attracting possums. Especially, if you have a cat at home, possums are drawn towards cat food. If you notice that your pet’s food bowl is empty or missing for days, know that you have possums. 

Bird Feeders

Having bird feeders at home?  They are a tasty snack for possums that climb trees only to take them. Since they are omnivorous, they just eat about anything and not the pickiest of eaters. They hunt for food at night and ensure to empty the bird feeder. 

If you’re dealing with possum infestation in your home or on your property, you must immediately remove them. Since, they’re wild animals, calling a professional from Possum Removal Melbourne is the safest bet. For home inspections, call (03) 9021 3762.

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