Why should you hire a licensed possum removal company?

There are many kinds of pests found in Melbourne however there is something unique about possum and that, the Australian Government have deemed them as a protected specie and it is mandatory to follow certain rules and regulation while removing possums from your property.

possum control

Having said that few people prefer to try DIY tricks to remove possums, however it’s not a simple task. One needs to be well trained on how to remove possum and armed with all the required tools and protection gear. If you are suspecting possum in your property, it is wise to hire a licensed possum removal company because of the following reasons

  • Possums may look very innocent however they are still considered as wild animals and have sharp teeth. Some variety of possums can even attack small kids, hence its always better to be safe than sorry.
  • Possums like to live in farms and feed on crops, only during winter months they escape and look for shelter and hide in warmers places. It can be very tricky to locate a possum in your house even if you are certain of their existence. A pest control agency is well versed in locating them and will be very quick in doing their job.
  • It is illegal to harm a possum, hence it is a possibility of harming them while making use of DIY methods. You may unintentionally harm a possum and it may result in death of a possum. This may unnecessarily put you in a legal battle. Therefore, its best to leave the job to professionals who are well versed with all law and are aware of best and safe way to remove possums.
  • Not only will the pest control agency safely remove the possum from your property but will also make sure that they do not come again. They locate all the possible entry points and safely block all the access points. They will also give you tips to avoid them coming into your property in the future such as trimming trees and cutting branches of tree which helps them climb on your roof and attic.

Once the possum is removed from your property the pest control agency sanitizes the place. It is very important to sanitize as possum saliva and feces not only leave a foul smell but can also lead to diseases.call Possum Removal Melbourne at 03 9021 3762 today.

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