Why Should You Remove Possums From Your Home?

Possums are wild animals. Though they appear cute and harmless, they shouldn’t be encouraged near your property for valid reasons. As you know, possums are omnivores and are always searching for food; they invade your home to get food and shelter. If you spot one or two near your property or driveway, call a possum removal professional to get rid of the possums. As per law, possums should not be killed or caught illegally, as they are native species. So, treating them humanely is crucial. When looking for possum removal costs in Melbourne, get estimates from multiple possum removal companies to find what suits you.

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They Are Messy

Possums eat food from the garbage and can invade your neighbourhood homes and mess up the area around them. If you have been noticing trash scattered all over a foul smell, possums are to be blamed. Though they get rid of ticks, possums are pests and should not be around your home.

They Attack Pets

If you have pets at home or chickens, make sure to keep a check on them. As possums are known to attack chickens and other small fowl, it’s best to call a possum control specialist to inspect the property once in a while to ensure your home is possum-free and pets are safe. Though possums don’t usually bite, they can inflict a painful bite on you and your pest only when they are threatened.

They Carry Diseases

Possums also carry ticks, fleas and mites, and ectoparasites, which can be brought to your home if they burrow a nest inside your home deck or attic. The parasites they carry are harmful to your pets and infest them badly. So, call for professional possum removal experts to eradicate them immediately.

If you have possums at home, let our possum removal experts in Melbourne help you with an accurate and targeted possum removal solution. To book possum inspections in Melbourne, call Possum Removal Melbourne at 03 9021 3762 today.

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