Why You Should Not Welcome Possums In Your House?

We all have heard that possums are wild animals and shouldn’t be on your property.  Though possums look like cartoon characters, they are wild animals; and attack when threatened.  If you spot one or two on your property, call a possum removal professional for help. Because, if one comes, it invites the other to build their shelter in your home.  Possums do not harm humans and mostly prefer to stay away from people. However, they invade your property to take shelter, food, and water. Aside from all these, how dangerous are they?  Let’s answer all the doubts you have about possums.

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Possums Eat A Lot

Possums are greedy, forever-hungry omnivores. It means they can eat about anything, including fruits, nuts, fresh vegetables, pet foods, rats, lawn pests, insects, and anything your home offers. Like rats, they also fill the home with unpleasant smells and eat the messy leftovers in the garbage bin.

Their Urine Is Dangerous

Possum feces smell bad and have disease-causing bacteria. Whether you or your pet comes in contact with their urine, wash it immediately. If it itches or burns, visit the doctor as soon as possible. Also, if the food that you eat or pet food is contaminated by possums, causing flesh-eating ulcers. So, consider taking possum control solutions to remove them from your property. If you are exposed to their smell and feces often, you are prone to severe illnesses.

They Harm Your Pets

If your beloved pet has wounds on its body or legs, possums are to be blamed. They hiss, screech, and fight with your pet for food and harm them. Be sure to feed your pet, do not leave the pet food on the floor. These can be a pain for your pets as the ticks and mites from its body might harm or irritate your pet’s skin.

So, if you think that possums are innocent, they are not! Contact a possum removal professional in your area to resolve the possum infestation on your property. Need possum removal experts in Melbourne? Call Possum Removal Melbourne on 03 9021 3762 today.

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