How Do I Get A Possum Out Of My Roof Using Roof Possum Removal Methods?

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Opossums are considered as the pest species that likes to live in the attics and garages. When they get into the roof, they start to make loud noises and make your lives miserable. Due to lack of tree hollows, possums would like to get into the roofs and make it as their homes. They love to live in dark places. Therefore, possum in the roof makes it feel safe and that where roof possum removal melbourne services come. When possums are present on the roof, they make a crawling sound, drop the poop from the attic and make your home unclean. Besides these, they also invite many parasites and pathogens into the house.

The adult and baby possums when dying in the roof, it starts to spread an unpleasant smell in the entire home. It is unclean for you and your kids. They also pose severe damage to the insulation of the roof and ducts. For these key reasons, you need to remove them from the roofs as soon as possible to reduce the damage. 

When you remove a possum, new possums will get into the roof. Possum would not survive in a new territory. Thus, you need to move these cuddly and cute mammals from the roof to the garden. If you do not remove them from the roof quickly, they cause interruption to your daily routine and stand as an obstacle. It is annoying, and also they carry diseases and spread to humans and pets. They can also harbor many parasites such as worms, fleas, and so on. They also deteriorate the roof by chewing the wood and wiring, which could pose a severe fire hazard. You can take the help of professionals to get possums out of the roof using Roof Possum removal methods.

However, here are a few things you can try out to remove them from the roofs 

Use Nest Boxes

If a possum is dwelling on the roof and damaging the structure of the roof, you can remove it by encouraging them to go outdoors. The best way you can do this is by using a nest box. You can place the nest box inside the roof with a fruit. You need to make possum a habit to get into the nest box to feed on the fruit. 

After a few days, you can remove the nest box and keep it on the tree close by with a fruit inside. It grabs the attention of possum to have the fruit. When possum steps out, you must seal the holes from where they have entered inside the roof. You must block all the holes. If you are unsure from which places the mammals are entering into the roof, you must place crumpled newspaper in every hole that you see. It is the best Roof Possum removal method everyone can try. 

Find the Entry Points

The possum would intrude into the home from the trees and bushes that are close to your home. They make the roof as their homes. You need to keep a close watch on the spot from where you assume that these mammals are entering. If a possum is found in the attic, garage, or any other space in the home, you must find from where it got into your home. You need to spend some time to find out the holes and entrances from where these uninvited guests might have come inside your home. 

If you see any holes around your home, you must sprinkle cooking flour in the hole to make sure that there is the presence of possum. Basically, possums are nocturnal animals. They would search for the food during night times. When you wake up in the morning and see their footprints on the floor, it is a clear indication that they are hiding under the roof. The footprint will let you know the number of possums residing inside the roof. If you see a brown stain around the entry and exit, it is also an indication of possums.

Throw Light

Possums love to stay in dark places. They do not like to reside in the area exposed to sunlight. If you see possums are not leaving your roof, you need to shed some light in those areas and make them feel irritated. When you keep light under the roof, the possums will look for other areas. It is another effective yet safe Roof Possum removal way.

Cease Them From Climbing

If you see these pesky creatures climbing the attic or other areas of the home, you can prevent their access. There are two ways where these creatures will climb into the house. The first way is when they have access to the spot through the tree adjacent to the home. The other way is to climb the wall, wire, or ladder. You can prevent these animals from jumping into the house by wrapping a metal sheet around the tree through which these mammals are climbing. You can also prune the tree adjacent to the home to deter possums. You must do all these things when possums step out of roofs in search of food.

Seal Under the Deck

A possum that is under the roof or a basement would start to spread bad odor and pose a potential hazard. They would like in the places where the foot traffic of humans is less. You can sprinkle the flour at all the entry holes to detect the presence of possum. When you are sure that the animal has left the place in search of food, you must seal the holes. It is not legal to trap the animal in the deck. When you seal the entry hole, it will not come again. When it learns that the hole is sealed, it will look for a new home. This Roof Possum removal is worth trying. 

Make their Lives Miserable

The best Roof Possum removal way is to make their lives miserable. It allows you to make them move out of your home on their will. You can do this by locking the garbage bins. You leave no food open in the house and do not keep the backyard dark. When you do all these, it won’t invite possum to get into the house and reside in the roof. You can put motion sprinklers in the yard. By doing all these, it will intimidate these mammals and will compel them to leave the place. 

Possums are annoying when they come in a group and reside. Though, the noise made by a single one is also unbearable. You can use the above roof possum control methods to get possums out of your roof in a friendly way. If these methods are not reaping you the outcome, you can seek the help of professional possum control in Melbourne.

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