Ways to Destroy Possum Existence Using Possum Control Methods

possum removal

Possums are also known as opossums, the small mammals usually found in the garden. The main problem with these tiny animals is that it destroys the property and food of your pets and you have no idea on how to get rid of possum.

Earlier, they used to get their prey from the eucalyptus plants, but due to their depletion, it started to come into the yards. They can quickly adapt to all kinds of environments. They like to reside in places that are dark or less light. The most popular areas where you can find these mammals are in attic, garages, yards, and sheds.

These are the areas that are preferred by these mammals to keep themselves protected from extreme weather conditions. You can easily detect their presence in your garden since it digs out burros and holes.

One more indication of their presence is the missing pet food from the bird feeder. They intrude into the feeder and consume the food. They jump into the garbage bins for food, and you can see your garbage bins turning upside down. If you are in a dilemma of how to get rid of possum, there are myriad ways you can use it. Few of them are listed below:

Shooting and Hunting

How to get rid of a possum? The most terrible way to get rid of these mammals from your place is to shoot them when you see these animals in your garden. However, shooting is prohibited in many states. If there is no ban imposed on hunting the animals, you can hunt them. You can use the flashlight and walk in the places where you detected these mammals. When the animal is caught, it disguises as if it is dead. If you are a good shooter, as soon as you see the animal, you can shoot it. If you catch the animal, you must hold in the hands wearing thick gloves and put it in the trap.


If you are wondering how to get rid of possum, you need to erect fencing around your home to prevent these animals from entering your premises. Despite you fencing around, if there is any hole in the fencing, then they enter the premises through the hole. So, you must make sure to check that the fencing is not undermined or damaged. If you are passing electricity in the fence, then the animals will not dare to climb and enter your premises.

Repellants on How to Get rid of possum

Possums get intimidated with the chemical repellents that you place in the garden or other places where they reside. For Possum control, you can either use naphthalene or ammonia as a repellent to control these mammals. However, usage of naphthalene or ammonia is banned in many states. The usage of these chemicals is found to be poisonous to animals and soil. However, many repellents are available in the market to control these mammals. You can buy and use those repellents as those are safe for you and your pets.

Take the Help of Professional Possum Trappers

You can seek the advice of the professionals to control possum at your place when you think of how to get rid of possum. They discover the places where these mammals are residing and find out the solution. These people have extensive knowledge of the behavior of possum and use the right method that controls these animals. They embrace effective yet safe treatments that do not cause any harm to your pets and the environment. 

Leg Hold Traps on How to Get Rid of Possum

You can use these possum removal traps in the places where possums would wander around. For instance, if you see them moving around the base of the trees, you can place the traps on the ground.

Kill Traps

It is one of the possum control melbourne methods. The kill traps are lightweight and easy to set up. It is the best and easiest way to kill possums and remove their existence humanely. These are the traps that you can use to control possum in the small to medium size areas such as gardens or blocks. The best part of these traps is that you do not need to check them regularly. You can leave it for an extended period. It is the long-term control method and is highly economical. 

Live Traps

The live trap is the best and easiest way to keep these mammals under control and prevent them from entering your premises again in the future. In this type of trap, you must use a trigger mechanism, keep the door open, and then set the trap. When the trap is ready, you must keep bait inside. The bait must be something that possum would love to eat, such as pet food, cheese, fish, fruit, or meat. You must place the trap in the open place and let the possum have food. After a week, you must set the trap in the place where you think the opossum activities would happen. When possum enters the trap, you can either drive in the wild or release the animal in the close-by forest area. 

Detour Sealant

    • You must diagonally cut the tube at its tip.
    • You can apply the sealant near the cracks, openings, wall voids, or any other places from where these mammals gain access to your premises and use caulking gun.


There are poisons available in the market to destroy possums. The toxins used include 1080, cyanide, phosphorus, brodifacoum, and sodium nitrate. However, to use these poisons to control these mammals, you would need a license. Poison is an effective way to keep possums at bay. It could be used in a wide area. Its powerful than to shooting and trapping mammals. You can use the fast-acting poison to kill these mammals.


Make a hole in the lid or a jar. You need to pour some ammonia in the jar or the lid using the gloves without touching ammonia with bare hands. After pouring the chemical, you must put a rag inside the jar or lid. The rag is entirely soaked in ammonia, you can pull one end of the rag through the hole and close it tightly. The rag will start to spread the pungent smell. The mammals do not like this smell. These mammals will either die or stay away from your place. 

Stop asking this question of how to get rid of possum now? You can use any of the above ways to destroy possum existence. You can keep these mammals away from your place by making your premises less appealing. For this, you must cut the overgrown trees and shrubs and keep lids on the garbage bins.

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