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The Possum Invasion: Understanding the Need for Effective Removal Strategies

Possums, with their furry appearance and playful demeanor, might seem adorable, but when they invade your property, they can quickly turn into a nuisance. These nocturnal creatures are known for their mischief, creating disturbances and causing damage to gardens, attics, and even electrical wiring. Understanding the importance of effective possum removal strategies is crucial in […]

Why should you hire a licensed possum removal company?

There are many kinds of pests found in Melbourne however there is something unique about possum and that, the Australian Government have deemed them as a protected specie and it is mandatory to follow certain rules and regulation while removing possums from your property. Having said that few people prefer to try DIY tricks to […]

Why Should You Remove Possums From Your Home?

Possums are wild animals. Though they appear cute and harmless, they shouldn’t be encouraged near your property for valid reasons. As you know, possums are omnivores and are always searching for food; they invade your home to get food and shelter. If you spot one or two near your property or driveway, call a possum […]

5 Things You Must Never Do To Possums!

Possums are the gentlest animals you can ever find. They are not aggressive. Possums have sharp teeth, which are sharp enough to bite. However, they don’t fight back or bite even if you provoke them.  Only some species bite when they are cornered or captured aggressively. Some open their mouths to produce a loud-hissing sound […]

Effective Possum Removal Solutions To Deter Possums Away From Your Home

Possums are nocturnal creatures and can create havoc in your home. They are plentiful in Melbourne households and having a possum removal Melbourne expert is necessary. Though they don’t mean any harm to you, they can mess up your property like you never imagine and disturb your daily routine. As possums are native wild animals, […]

Possum At A Home Ware Shop Making Headlines – Here’s The Story!

They say possums are cute and recent news that went viral about a possum proves that it’s true. The news said that the possum has taken residence in one of Melbourne’s front window displays and refused to leave the shop, catching the onlooker customer’s attention. The possum had an overnight stay at the Bungalow Trading […]

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